Make A Career Out Of Living Your Ministry

Today I’m writing about making a career out of living your ministry. I’m thrilled to share that Luke Lezon of Lifebridge Church in Orlando and I have an event coming up in August. We met to discuss the specifics for the event the other day, and you won’t want to miss it. While I was working on the event I realized that what I don’t see enough of in the world is people living their ministry.

What do I mean by that? I mean I don’t see people living their lives in surrender, living their lives on purpose, living their lives in ministry. I see people building businesses to financially get by and then their ministry is there as a side note. You can listen to my short video on this here.   I feel like we are called to live our ministry. Most people don’t realize that they can live in ministry and also create a career out of it. People may feel like that’s a pastor’s job.

You can live your life in ministry – on mission and not just work to get by financially

I feel like we are supposed to live our ministry every moment of every day. This event will focus on teaching you one way you can do that through affiliate marketing. This is affiliate marketing done authentically. This is an incredible income stream you can add while living in your ministry. You get to show up, help people and live in ministry and I can show you how. I explain what affiliate marketing is in this short  blog post. 

If you are in the Orlando area, or if you want to travel to come see us, the tickets are dirt cheap. You can check out the details here. This is such an exclusive, intimate event and we will go through the ins and outs of what living in your ministry looks like. We are also going to give you tools to create and grow your affiliate marketing income. I am very tactical. I will give you a step-by-step process so you will leave knowing exactly what steps to take. You can start right then and there. The question is, are you ready to live in your ministry?

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