Master Your Mind with Martha! The Power of Taking Responsibility

Have you checked out the Master You Mind with Martha series? This guide of mindset resources will help you anchor in each day and stay on track as you move towards your goals. Today I am talking about taking responsibility.

I’m inviting you to sincerely take a look at where you are in life. If you are like me you may want to grab a notebook and start writing. Here are some questions that can help get you started. Where am I working? What do I look like? Imagine you are a character in a book and write a detailed description of that character.

Now look at what you have written and determine what you like about where you are in life. Take ownership of the decisions that got you there. These are wins for you! These are things that you have been able to achieve because of your strength, perseverance, and personal development. Give yourself a pat on the back!

Now let’s look at the other side of your story – the parts that you look forward to getting better. I want you to consider the decisions and daily habits that have gotten you to this part of your story – the part of your story you want to change moving forward. What changes can you make in those daily habits to turn your challenge into a success?

Looking at your life in this capacity has the likelihood to change everything for you!

Not enough of us slow down enough to take inventory of what we are doing in our world. We accidentally, chaotically, sloppily let things happen to us and then days get away from us and we wonder where the time went. When you slow down to take inventory of what’s happening in your world and what you are doing to create it, that is where you can change everything. You can listen more to how this is powerful in my short video here.

I share more resources in my Facebook Community where I teach people to start, grow, and scale their home based businesses and you can check that out here.

Have the best day!

xo Martha

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