Today I want to talk about momentum. Momentum is that invisible force you may have seen in some businesses. You see it happen in people’s lives and it seems like they can’t be stopped – everything just seems to work out for them. They have created momentum and that doesn’t happen accidentally.

Momentum is designed by first knowing your goals. I recently wrote a blog about that you can read here.  We can’t create momentum toward our goals if we don’t know what they are.

Once we know our goals we break them down into action steps and consistently work on them. The magic happens when you have momentum and suddenly you catch wind. I visualize it like a bird taking flight.

 I love hawks. I love birds in general. When a bird is flying, it can look like it’s floating.  That’s because it caught wind.  The wind is literally holding it up in the air.  At the very beginning of flight, the bird has to flap its wings to get going. The bird takes action and then the bird catches the wind.  Of course, there are times when the bird still has to flap its wings to maintain momentum. I talk about the power of momentum more in the short video above.

The key is that none of this happens without focused effort. Birds don’t flap their wings backward. They flap their wings in a very intentional way –  the only way it can in order to create momentum

You have to have a focused concerted effort toward your goal and eventually, you’ll catch wind and fly.

When you have momentum people everywhere are attracted to that. It’s like an invisible magnet for opportunities and relationships. We have so much momentum right now that we have partners like John Assaraf saying hey let’s work together.  People at the top of their industries want to work with us and serve our people.

We wouldn’t have that if I had never had the concerted effort toward my goal. The key is to be consistent and never quit. That’s how you catch momentum. That’s how you use momentum as a magnet.

In the Affiliate Marketing University (AMU) membership I’m giving you action steps every day. That will create momentum for you . You can learn more about that here.