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Did you happen to catch my brain mentors training last weekend?  It was so boss! This is somebody that I work with on my own. Like I said last week, I have different coaches and mentors for many different parts of my life. The two top mentors that I have for my life are my brain mentor and my spiritual coach. My brain mentor helps me optimize how I function, how I how I frame things, how I choose to use my brain. My spiritual coach – that’s my number one. God gave us these tools – this brain that we have. A lot of us are not using them very well.

My brain coach is John Assaraf. I told John I wanna be able to offer my people something substantial that will make a true impact in their lives and I don’t want them to have to pay anything. I want something to help them understand things that they didn’t previously understand.  You may have heard me say before, when the student is ready the teacher will appear.  Here is the thing – sometimes it takes a different teacher with a different style to help the student to be ready.

 I’m so grateful that he offered the free training this past weekend. I also asked to be able to offer you guys his Millionaire Mindset book.  It’s free and it’s an eBook so as soon as you get it you’ll be able to read through it.  It’s a very easy read that you can find here.

Everything that makes our life better requires an investment. Maybe it’s an investment of time or it’s an investment of money.

Sometimes the investment of time looks like reading an eBook.  Learning about somebody else’s blueprint and framework and really seeing how they do things. A lot of us are spending too much time letting life happen to us. Maybe it’s binging a show. We spend so much time doing things that keep us stuck – that keep us running on the hamster wheel.  Then there are moments of clarity where we come up for air and realize that we don’t like where we are.  We can change things. I talk more about that in the short video at the top of this blog.  For more resources like this, you can join my free Facebook Group, Families Creating Legacies here.

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