My Solution for Families Struggling with Inflation

Mike, my husband, and I were sitting on the couch last night and he said, “Are you seeing what’s happening right now?”  Whether it’s bacon at the grocery store or gas at the pump, costs continue to rise. Everybody feels it, but then, I saw a post about a family where the parents were skipping meals so their kids could eat.  Suddenly, on that post, hundreds of comments from people sharing that they are doing the same starting pouring in.

You guys, these are moms and dads who aren’t eating so their kids can eat.

This is not ok.

So how can we help? What is the solution for families struggling to make ends meet? I know what Mike and I can do. We can share how we learned to make extra money. I can show you exactly how we created an income stream that brings in one quarter of our income.  Teaching you how to bring in extra income, showing you how to start and grow an income stream from home, that can change everything. The whole family needs to be eating.

Now, this won’t happen overnight. It takes time which is why I’m urging you to start now. This is huge because once you’ve got your income stream established imagine the stress that will be relieved! Then, as you grow, you could be able to support your community.  Whether you tithe at church or support a local food bank, imagine how it would feel to be financially secure yourself and give back! That’s how we change things guys. We make ourselves solid financially, and then we empower others to do the same. One of my favorite parts about this income stream is that kids can do it. Here is a fun blog post about how kids can get involved.

I’m talking about affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing done in the way that I teach it.  Don’t go Googling affiliate marketing ’cause you’re not going to find how I teach it. I teach it so you don’t have to be sleazy and you don’t have a boss. You can hear more about what I’m sharing in this short video. Ready to change things? You can join my free Facebook Community where we are helping families start and grow this incredible income stream and we would love to see you there! You can join here.

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