Real Stories from the 11 Day Jumpstart

It’s time to take control of your health, your happiness, and your life. That starts with loving, respecting, and giving yourself the time, you deserve to be the best version of yourself. The 11-Day Jumpstart is how I took control and I share it with you. If you’d like to learn more, you can check out this short blog I wrote. If you’d like to hear some real-life results keep reading.

If you’ve ever tried dieting, diet pills, low-calorie diet food, or diet plans that leave you hungry and cranky, you’ve been scammed.

I recently talked with Katrina who is going to share her experience with the 11-Day Jumpstart. She had done just about everything over the years to get healthier and alleviate chronic pain. Some worked for a while, but they weren’t sustainable. Why is the 11-Day Jumpstart different?

You see, the 11-Day Jumpstart isn’t focused on weight loss. Weight loss happens, but it isn’t the focus because that’s not the root cause of so many health problems. The root cause is inflammation. If you don’t know, most people these days are dealing with chronic low-level inflammation which leads to literally everything that you don’t want to happen in your body.

Katrina shared that the 11-Day Jumpstart wasn’t hard so it’s easy to maintain. She had more energy and felt good on the plan. The biggest part of staying with something is getting results fairly quickly in a way that feels sustainable. Guys, you get dessert every day. I mean who gets to eat cake every day? You can hear from Katrina by watching the video at the top of this blog. You won’t want to miss this!

Maybe you’re a sweets person. Katrina was – they were often her downfall. She looks at sweets now and the sweets look good, but she knows that they will make her feel awful so it’s easier to walk away.

One of the other differences that makes such an impact is that the 11-Day Jumpstart teaches our kids alongside us. That’s right this is for the whole family. Sometimes we don’t even realize how bad we feel until we get the chance to start feeling better.

The next 11-Day Jumpstart begins February 6th. Typically, people lose 7 pounds in those 11 days. That’s not because we’re not eating. There is plenty of eating! It’s because we’re losing inflammation. Let’s get healthy. Let’s get our families healthy.



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