Self-Discipline: My Personal Hack

Today I’m sharing the hack that I use for my own self-discipline because everybody needs this.  All of us, I don’t care who you are, we all hit bouts of not doing what’s best for us.  Sometimes it’s because we put ourselves back burner. Sometimes it’s because we’re lazy – let’s just call it out. It’s OK, we’re human. Sometimes we get tired and sometimes we get lazy. Sometimes we head toward the path of least resistance. I’m gonna show you how I hack my own self-discipline so you can do the same. If time is your challenge, I’ve got you covered there with this blog post. Today I’m taking about more than that. I’m talking about self discipline.

I didn’t get where I am right now by accident. I didn’t get here because I am really lucky and naturally super disciplined.  The goal for all of us is to be so disciplined about the things that are the most important to us that our actions eventually become habitual.  Whether it’s your nutrition, your wellness or your relationships with people, every single piece of your life has some sort of self-discipline attached to it.  I think this is especially important for women. You can hear more about my take on this in this short video.

The hack for me is, if I am going to do something that is outside of my discipline, I think to myself, is this advice I would give to somebody that I love?

What I mean by that is if I’m looking at staying disciplined about my gluten free nutrition, but I am tempted to eat an entire loaf of bread, what advice would I give someone I love thinking about doing the same thing? Is this advice I would give to someone I love?  What we do, as women especially, we put ourselves as well as our goals and dreams on the back burner. At some point this becomes self-sabotage.  This hack will help you nip that self-sabotage in the bud. Simply follow your own advice!  I share tips just like this that can really move the needle on your business and your lifestyle in my Facebook Group Families Creating Legacies. Don’t miss the free resources in the guides section! Check it out here.

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