This post will cover skin types, routines for those skin types, PLUS the rare and exotic ingredients that make Young Living’s skin care so effective!! Before we dive in, let’s talk quality!

Seed to Seal

Young Living has a seed to seal guarantee and promise. The company abides by very strict guidelines to fulfill this promise to us.

  • YL owns its own farms, which no other major company does. It has partner farms that have to abide by the same standards.
  • YL won’t plant on soil that has had been in contact with ANY chemicals within 50 years. (Organic standards are only five years!!)
  • YL picks the absolute best seeds from strong, thriving plants.
  • YL hand weeds and uses its own oils on plants for pest control to avoid harmful chemicals.
  • YL harvests at peak times to ensure you get the highest quality oil.
  • YL distills on site without chemicals.
  • YL tests every batch multiple times throughout the process with state-of-the-art equipment.

All of these factors make a huge difference in quality and effectiveness. If a batch doesn’t meet YL standards for any reason, it doesn’t get bottled up to distribute. YL would rather have something go out of stock than let an inferior product slip through to us. It’s rare to find a company with such transparency and high standards. For more info, go HERE.

Safety & Usage

The best part about plant-based products is that there isn’t too much to teach about safety and usage. Like with any new products, test a small area of your skin to see how it responds to the product. If there is no redness or irritation to the skin, follow the steps on the packaging for application.

If you apply essential oils directly to your face, it is recommended to dilute a drop or two into a small amount of skin care product or carrier oil in your hand. Mix well and then apply.

Skin Tips

The way your skin appears can be caused by genes and behavior. While genes do play a role, using the right products at the right time can support some of the transformation your skin is programmed to make.

Here are some tips to help keep your youthful appearance…

  • Focus on supporting your skin at any age.
  • Limit sun exposure with Young Living’s SPF 10 or SPF 50 sunscreen or by staying covered outside.
  • Limit stress with deep breathing, exercising, and using aromatherapy.
  • Wash your face before going to sleep.
  • Do not smoke.
  • Use high-quality, natural products – everything from Young Living falls under this category.
  • Give your skin the nutrition and hydration it needs from daily moisturizers and by drinking plenty of water.
  • Sudden diet changes, like an increase in sugar, damages proteins. Collagen is a protein that makes your skin stay tight – we don’t want to damage that! Eating that candy bar may actually give you more wrinkles! So stick to eating healthy, unprocessed food if you want to keep your youthful skin.

Skin Types

What type of skin do you have?


Firm, supple, equal balance


Large pores, easily developing blemishes, maintains its youthful appearance well


Scaly, lacking natural oils, sensitive – especially in harsh weather


Dry skin with shiny oily areas (forehead, chin, nose), difficult to maintain


Loses its elasticity, prone to wrinkles and damage, needs hydration and nourishment

Skincare Steps

While the products you use may change based on your skin type, the number of steps does not. Asian cultures are much more likely to incorporate a long list of steps to ensure the skin is healthy and beautiful. Western culture is always on the go and limits their recommended skin care products to three. But five – six steps is where the magic happens!

Don’t skip these steps as they are all important to creating beautiful radiant skin!

  1. Cleansing: Cleanse two times daily with lukewarm water and finish with cold water. It’s important to remove dirt creating a clean canvas for the rest of your routine.
  2. Exfoliating: Removes dead skin cells to reveal younger cells and give the skin a smooth and youthful appearance. Always do this after cleansing and only 2 times a week.
  3. Toning: Cleansing and exfoliating disturbs the pH of the skin. Use a toner after cleansing to balance the pH. This helps to minimize the appearance of pores and give a toned or plump look.
  4. Restoring: Restoring the skin is a critical part in helping the skin retain moisture and it helps increase the appearance of skin radiance. Renewal Serum serves this function.
  5. Moisturizing: Apply right after the Renewal Serum (a restoring product) to lock it into the skin. Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and provides a barrier to protect the skin.
  6. Refine and Pamper: Do this once or twice a week. Use a mask to lock in even moisture and radiance.

Throughout the rest of the class, we will recommend routines using specific products based on skin type. Many Young Living products can be used for different skin types. Pay attention to the qualities of individual products to determine if they are ones you want to incorporate into your routine.


ART Gentle Cleanser

This foaming cleanser works well for all skin types. It combines Frankincense, Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood, Lemon, Melissa, and Lavender essential oils for a soothing, cooling, relaxing combination on your skin. It also removes dirt, oil, make-up and impurities, and supports the skin’s natural pH.

Orange Blossom Facial Wash

The Orange Blossom Facial Wash contains MSM, a sulfur component, which is drying and therefore makes this product line great for oily skin. The wolfberry seeds promote hydration, the Calendula extract conditions the skin, and the St John’s extract helps with minor skin imperfections. The Orange blossom extract acts as a skin emollient.

Charcoal Bar Soap

The Charcoal Bar Soap is good for combination, oily, or acne-prone skin because it pulls out dirt and impurities without stripping the skin’s natural moisture barrier. This helps maintain a clear, healthy-looking complexion. Use this on your face or your entire body!

DIY Cleanser (no foam, no lather)

  • 1 fresh plum
  • 3 Tbsp water
  • 1 Tbsp apple cider vinegar
  • 1 Tbsp honey
  • 2-3 drops of Lavender EO

Chop the plum into small pieces and bring to a boil with all ingredients except Lavender. Simmer for 10 minutes. Blend in a food processor and leave to cool. Add 2-3 drops of Lavender oil. Apply to face and gently massage in. Rinse with water. Store in the fridge for up to 2 weeks.


Satin Mint Facial Scrub

This smells AMAZING! It contains Peppermint essential oil along with jojoba oil, mango butter, MSM, and aloe. Works to remove layers of dead skin cells, draw impurities from the skin, minimize the appearance of pores, and give a fresh, rejuvenated look.

Poppy Seed Lip Scrub

Made with four different types of butters – cocoa, mango, avocado, and shea – your lips have no choice but to be left feeling smooth and soft. Massage it in a circular motion, and the poppy seeds and moisturizing formula will gently exfoliate and cleanse to help remove dry skin, creating a flawless finish for your Savvy lipstick or gloss.


ART Refreshing Toner

This product combines Peppermint, Frankincense, Lavender, Melissa, Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood, and Lemon essential oils with Aloe vera, Orchis mascula flower extract, Witch Hazel, green tea extract and more to balance your skin’s pH. It will even make your pores appear smaller and create the appearance of toned skin!


ART Renewal Serum

More Orchids! In ancient times, orchids were highly valued. Their extract can help keep the skin’s moisture. This serum helps to increase the appearance of skin radiance. The Angelica root gives you a youthful appearance. The Crocus sativus is a great skin conditioner. All the other premium ingredients are formulated to deeply nourish, hydrate, and help maintain a youthful appearance.


Orange Blossom Moisturizer

Moisturizers aren’t just for dry skin. The Orange Blossom Moisturizer helps skin maintain optimal moisture balance, controls excess oil and shine, and preps your face for makeup with its natural-looking matte finish, making it perfect for those with oily skin.

ART Light Moisturizer

ART Light Moisturizer is suitable for all skin types because it works with your skin to retain and maintain proper hydration, which is something we all need. When our cells are properly hydrated, they can better replace themselves which keeps us looking younger longer.

The ART Intensive Moisturizer

This is perfect for dry or mature skin. It has the combined benefits of the Sandalwood and Boswellia creams. Pracaxi seed oil and blue bird hibiscus leaf extract even skin tone and promote hydration. Stem cells from Apple Fruit extracts and Hibiscus plants help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and help the skin feel smoother and more pliable. It contains Hyaluronic acid from fermentation of bacteria, providing a tremendous amount of hydration to your skin.

Sandalwood Moisture Cream

Another powerhouse moisturizer that promotes younger, healthier skin! This cream contains wolfberry seed oil, Myrrh, Lavender, Sandalwood, and Rosemary, in addition to MSM which softens the skin and promotes elasticity. The wolfberry has so many amazing benefits for our entire body, but when it comes to our skin, the high level of antioxidants combines with different vitamins and minerals to help reduce acne, promote collagen production and even out skin tone.

Boswellia Wrinkle Cream

Boswellia Wrinkle Cream also contains wolfberry seed oil along with the essential oils of Frankincense, Sandalwood, Myrrh, Ylang Ylang, and Geranium. These all work together to build collagen, relax facial tension, reduce the effects of sun damage, minimize shine, and minimize and prevent wrinkles.

Refine & Pampering

ART Creme Masque

Formulated to deeply moisturize skin using an exclusive blend of hyaluronic acid and pure essential oils.

ART Beauty Mask

This mask was designed with all skin types in mind. Its formula of essential oils and exotic orchid petals is the perfect combination to provide radiant, soft, and hydrated skin.


Tested in Europe, after only 56 days, it was found to significantly improve the appearance of complexion lightness and intensity of dark spots. It contains ingredients like Kakadu Plum as a natural vitamin C, Licorice root extract for a balancing effect, and Madonna Lily for a brightening effect. It takes less than TWO months to have a more even and brighter tone to your skin.

Wolfberry Eye Cream

Use this eye cream morning and night to help soothe tired eyes and minimize the appearance of fine lines, circles and bags. This is a natural, water-based moisturizer that also contains the essential oils of Lavender, Roman Chamomile, Frankincense, and Geranium.

DIY Mud Mask


  • Bowl for mixing
  • About 1⁄4 cup mud – enough to cover your face
  • 1 drop Spearmint
  • 1 drop Tea Tree
  • 1 drop Lavender


  • Apply mask on cleansed skin.
  • Leave the mask on the face for at least 15 minutes, or until it dries.
  • Avoid facial gestures while the mask is on the face. The mask may crack.
  • After 15 minutes, wash off your face with cool water.

DIY Face Oil


  • Carrier oil of your choice (grapeseed, avocado, jojoba, etc.)
  • 8-12 drops of essential oils of choice based on helpful oils for your skin type


Combine carrier oil and essential oils in a 2-oz dark glass bottle. Shake gently to combine. Use as needed after washing.

Routines Based on Skin Type

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A Few Side Notes

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