Some Food for Thought About Pivoting (Cue Ross with the couch)

When it comes to pivoting, in your business or in your life it can be as simple as just deciding to do something different. So how do we decide when and how to pivot?  I’m going through an extreme pivot myself, so I’ll share what I do. There are a couple distinctions that I’m going to make here. The first can mean a lot to your business or to the way that you produce income, the second distinction is going to mean a lot to your life from today forward. I always start with prayer. Am I listening to God?

Last week in church, the pastor said something that really hit home. He said we need to attune ourselves to God to be able to hear what he’s saying to us.  Are you in tune with God? What is your prayer life like right now? How often are you digging into the Bible?  Because if we are not in tune with the word with God daily, then we don’t have that communication.  I speak more about how to do this and how important it is in this short video.  So, when I heard God say I needed to pivot, there was a part of me that wondered how I am gonna do this?  But here is something really cool.

I listened, and I started what felt like it would be difficult.  Guys, that is when everything got easy.  That’s what happens whenever you’re living on mission

So here is the second part. When the time comes for a pivot, there will always be people that have negative opinions about your pivot.  My question to you is this – are you going to let that noise stop your mission in this world?  I’m not.  There are always going to be people that complain about choices that you make.  My feeling is if you don’t hear it from God, it’s not a complaint you need to log.  You need to stay focused on what you’re doing, why you’re here. Just stay in alignment, stay in tune with God.  That’s my message for you guys. I want you to feel OK with pivoting.  If you are feeling more like quitting than pivoting, I’ve got a great blog on that you can read here.


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