Stop Going for No in Real Estate

A common misconception in sales is that it’s a number game. You have to get so many No’s to get to a Yes. Going for no as a strategy is simply unhelpful. The truth behind why they call it a numbers game is going to surprise you. Only 4% of people we interact with hear what we are saying in a way the they can understand and take action from. What if we lived in a world where getting a NO wasn’t the norm?

Would you like to live in a world where it’s normal for your audience to say yes to your offers?

Let’s focus on real estate as an example. Most real estate agents have a presentation that they share with everyone. Here is the problem with that. Only 4% of people you are going on listing meetings with – showing homes to – get what you are saying. We have to go through so many no’s to get a yes because you aren’t even speaking to the person in front of us!

The key is to figure out who are you talking to. I can help! Go to this link. Use the code BANK to make your first month $1!

It is literally AI – Artificial Intelligence that can help translate for you so you can say the right thing to your client every time. The creators of this AI were invited to the United Nations to speak on this technology and massive industries are adopting these tools. Do not sleep on this! If your competitors connect with this tool before you, they will have a massive advantage. I’ve created a training so you can use these tools like a boss. It is in the second Guide in my Facebook group Families Creating Legacies.

I live in a that world where getting yes is normal because I know who I’m talking to. Check out my video breaking down the four personality types and why understanding these in real estate is a game changer.

Let’s make getting yes your normal!

Have the best day!

xo Martha

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