Stop Prospecting, And Start ATTRACTING People To You

Who loves prospecting?! *crickets*

Right, me either!

Just the sheer sound of the word prospecting gives me hives…it sounds predatory, slimy and even skeezy. I just do not like it.

And that’s just the sound of the word, right?

Now, to actually cold message people about joining my team? Um…that is a HARD NO.

A) Because just no. I’m not going to do that to people.


B) No, because I have a better way that feel good, and dare I say, helpful, instead of gross and salesy.

First let’s talk super quick about builders.

Here’s what I see a lot of as people come to me for help.

They started, they were gung ho, they were excited, and they got a lot of response from their friends and family.

Then, it happened…..the drop off.

The drop off that feels like you lost your mojo.

The drop off that makes you question your decision to build.

The drop off that makes a lot of people quit.

Let’s talk about that drop off.

What is that really?

The way I see it, the drop off happens because someone has gone through their 2-3%, or their low hanging fruit and now they need to find new people…and DON’T want to prospect and annoy people, right?

You see, 2-3% of the people out there are going to buy whatever you’re selling, they want to support you, and they love you…

That’s what we all start with, but once you have made it through your low hanging fruit….NOW it’s time to really start your business.

Your low hanging fruit won’t build your whole business, and they don’t require what the rest of your business will…which is attracting people, following up, building relationships, nurturing and the over all system…

So, at the end of the day, there are probably tens of thousands of builders out there that QUIT because they didn’t know what to do when their low hanging fruit was gone…they didn’t know how to actually do the business…

So now, check out the video above to see my answer to that…there are some straight up gold nuggets, so grab your notebook, and feel free to share this training with your upline, downline, crossline and friends.

It’s time we learn how to do this thing like a real business….and have it take care of our families like a real business.

Let me know what your thoughts are in the comments!

xo Martha

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