attraction marketing


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TzCwLaRG0Z4&t=1s Who loves prospecting?! *crickets* Right, me either! Just the sheer sound of the word prospecting gives me hives…it sounds predatory, slimy and even skeezy. I just do not like it. And that’s just the sound of the word, right? Now, to actually cold message people about joining my team? Um…that is a HARD NO. A) Because just no. I’m not going to do that to people. and B) No, because I have a better way that feel good, and dare I say, helpful, instead of gross and salesy. First let’s talk super quick about builders. Here’s what I see a lot of as people come to me for help. They started, they were gung ho, they were excited, and they got a lot of response from their friends and family. Then, it happened…..the drop off. The drop off that feels like you lost your mojo. The drop off that…