The 11 Day Jumpstart (how it’s going)

How is the 11-Day Jumpstart going? The 11-Day Jumpstart is the program my Young Living team and my Cutting Edge Students are in that reflects the way my own family has figured out how to reduce inflammation in our own bodies. What we know about inflammation is you don’t want that in your body.

Inflammation is a precursor to weight gain, obesity, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, cancers heart diseases, and more. It’s all the things you’re scared to death are going to happen. Especially as moms, we are in constant fear, whether we care to admit it or not, there’s always something lingering in the back of our minds. What if something happened to me?

But also, as parents, we put ourselves last. That’s why the 11-Day Jumpstart isn’t focused on weight loss – it’s focused on learning the skills we need to truly take care of ourselves. People are losing weight because they’re learning about how to eat, what to eat, how they can still have desserts, and how to move. The results we are seeing include getting more energy, more clarity, more focus, better sleep more endurance, more desire to move your body and so much more. I talk more about that in the short video at the top of this blog.

My goal for everybody in the program is that this is the very last time they have to try something new because they have everything they need to ride on into the sunset. I wrote a short blog about the first day of the jumpstart you can find here.

It’s sustainable. It’s not a tortuous eating plan. It’s super easy and fun.

The community is like no other. You’ll join a bunch of people pushing each other and congratulating each other and supporting each other. We are creating friends for life. We care about each other. We are linking arms and supporting each other every step of the way.

If you want to join us in the 11-Day Jumpstart you’re going to the person that you sent you this blog and if they’re in Cutting Edge then you would be able to join them. If you aren’t already in Young Living and no one shared this blog with you, message me at my Facebook Group Livin the Dream with Martha and I will get you in and all situated. It’s free. The only thing you need to grab is the supplements that are necessary.
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