If you’re here, you know you need something.

You may not even be aware of what it is, but you know you need something.

Maybe it’s organization, maybe it’s social media strategy, heck, maybe it’s automating some of the processes behind the scenes so you’re not so stinkin’ BUSY doing all the things that …let’s just call it…make no difference whether YOU do them personally, or if they are a “triggered automation”…

That’s what sets businesses apart these days.

The people that feel they need to personally do all the things, are by nature creating their own cage.

AND their own glass ceiling.

You can only grow so far , because there are only so many hours in the day, amiright?

And of those hours in the day, what do YOU really want to be working?

As for me, I’ve built my own business in 2 hours or less a day, because it’s simply not necessary to spend more time than that on it.

In that 2 hours, I get A LOT DONE.

So, let’s talk super quick about what I’m offering to people until 10.31.2020.

And it’s only until then because I would not be able to sustain this for more time than that.

I already have a TON of people signed up for it, and it would take over my entire life if I let it.

But here’s the deal.

I want everyone that WANTS to really do this thing right, to have the proper coaching to get it done.

So, that said, I’m offering 15 min coaching sessions…

Now, you may be thinking…what on EARTH am I going to accomplish in 15 mins?

First of all, have we met?

I’m a strategist with a really quick mind. I will rock your entire world in 15 mins 🙂 (I have a bit of swagger around that because I simply know it’s true. I do it over and over again.)

Second, I have you fill out a questionnaire so I already have info coming in, so we can hit the ground running.

Here’s the special part.

Not only is it 15 mins, so less expensive than my 2 hour intensive that’s $5k…BUT…it’s even discounted if you were to do the math on what 15 mins SHOULD be based on that number.

You guys, this is YOUR CHANCE to get 1:1 coaching from someone that has grown MANY businesses from the ground up.

AND has assisted GIANT Fortune 100 CORPORATIONS in growing their income streams as well.

I don’t talk about myself a lot, but my mind is one that people try to get their hands on whenever they can. I have an innate way of seeing a businesses’ possibilities before anything has even happened yet.

I can, in 15 mins, set you on the trajectory of a lifetime.

So, how are people using their 15 mins?

Some are using it for bat signal.

Some are using it for how to nail down offerings (via GFG teachings).

Some are using it to integrate YL and existing business.

You use the time however you wish, I can go wherever you want, I’m super versatile.

Also, what the really smart folks are doing is signing up now, so they will have time if they want another follow up appointment later…

What that means is, don’t wait until October to set up your appointment because then if you want a follow up, it won’t be available.

OK, friends!

At the end of the day, what we are doing here is MOVING THE NEEDLE on your business.


We are BRINGING OUT the BUSINESS OWNER in you, and allowing you to SHINE BRIGHT!

Here is the link to set up your time, and remember, 10.31.2020 is when it all shuts down.


My hope and prayer is that all of the people that really were ready to do this, got their appointment in the allotted timeframe….because that is my mission here 🙂

Ok friends, see you soon!

P.S, when I first started trying to learn all of this stuff, I literally spent $25k….so I don’t want you to have to spend that much. This is just $250 😉

xo Martha

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