You might have caught my earlier blog on the 3-Day Life Change. You can check it out here if you missed it. This is about becoming a new version of yourself in order to reach those goals you have for 2023. A lot of people’s goals are more like wishes – like they’re talking to a genie in a bottle.

When we treat ourselves or our lives or our goals like it’s up to a wish or a genie in the bottle to make our goals come true that requires nothing from us. Guys, we have to show up!

We’re required to show up in our own lives so whenever we approach goals like a genie in the bottle is going to be what it takes to make them come true – we’ve given away our power to make those goals happen. In order to avoid that – and take control – I recommend you do the three-day life challenge.

The question is – who do you need to become in order to live inside of the life of your goals? Hey – I did the 3-day challenge too! Everyone needs to do this. I don’t care who you are. I don’t care how well-versed you are in your field. I talk more about that in the short video at the top of this blog.

We are talking about you envisioning your stretch goal and then being able to hit it. This was massive for me. It created a whole dimension of me that is like currently unexplainable.
Since I started the 3 days, a new version of me has been created and added onto the existing version that you already knew. It’s everything that was required.

When you set yourself up as the version of yourself that is required in order to hit these super stretch goals all of a sudden, your brain starts to recognize that is you now. Then, you’re going to start being able to see opportunities that already exist around you.

It’s not magic – it’s focus.

This is about how you’re choosing to look at things. I’m not the first to say this – this is ages old. How you choose to look at things is what they really are. It’s also quantum physics.
There’s a lot behind this but the key is you aren’t just looking at things differently, you’re approaching things differently. We approach things differently in my YL Goldgetters 2.0 Group, and trainings like this are free in the guides section all day long. If you need help shifting your mindset and your business this is the place for you. Join us here and let’s go!