The 3 Point Checklist For Scalable Success

Today I’m giving you the three-point checklist for scalable success. What does scalable success in your business mean? It means how to blow up your business quite frankly. We all start with our bat signal by going back to a part of our lives where we faced a challenge. We did a lot of research and developed skills to move beyond that challenge and now we share with others so they can do the same. That’s 25% of what you need to build your business. The other 75% of the skills you need are marketing, promo, and getting yourself out there. That’s literally the stuff that I teach you. You can learn more about that in my free Facebook group you can find here. Next you will need certain traits to sustain that success.

Are you showing up every day? Are you consistent? Notice, I’m not saying are you hustling morning till night. I’m saying are you consistent and are you disciplined.

 So many of us have experienced fleeting success but haven’t been able to sustain it. Maybe you hit a rank one time but couldn’t sustain it. That’s about traits. There are traits that are developed and traits that are decided. As you read this blog today, decide who you are. Decide to be a self-starter who is accountable and consistent. You can hear more about how important that is in this short video.

Next you need belief. Who do you believe you are as a person? What do you believe about success and money? These are the things that you need to really unpack. That is what you need to unpack so far as scalability of success is concerned. If you need some support believing in yourself here is a short blog post I wrote for you.

So, there you go, that is your three-part checklist. It’s not as easy as one two three, but it’s as easy as coming back to this blog and reading it again and thinking OK, I’ve got my first step done now how to I nail down the second. That’s my action step for you today. Think of what your skill sets are and then also what else do you need to add to your skill sets after reading this blog. What are you missing? Are there pieces that you’re missing? I’ve got you covered there.



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