The Easy Button For Massive Productivity

Have you met my friend Megan Sumrell? She is astounding when it comes to time management. As moms, heck as humans, we need to be more effective and productive with our time.  Have you ever sat at your computer and suddenly notifications start to pop up? You see the emails coming in and you get pulled into answering them. Suddenly you realize it’s been 2 hours and you haven’t even touched what you were supposed to get done.

 Then you wonder why your business isn’t succeeding. Hey as people we are distractible.  Honestly, we’re like a bunch of grown-up 4-year-olds.  Somebody needs to help us be more productive with our time. You can hear me talk more about that in the short video at the top of this blog.

When we can be honest and own that this is an issue, we can work on fixing it. That’s where my friend Megan can help. In fact, she has a free challenge running September 12th through 16th.  It takes only half an hour a day.  You can tune in when it works for you each day. She’s going to give you tools to organize your time. We all love tools, right?  She will also help you manage your mindset.

I can personally say this approach is the easy button for mass productivity.

She teaches something similar to a Jedi mind trick.  You don’t even realize that she’s unleashing this amazingness in you until she does it. Once you experience it you are forever changed. I am now a highly effective individual.

Whenever we change like that, when we become highly effective, that affects our confidence. That affects the way we approach everything.  It can change the way we see our business.

You might feel like you’ve proven you can’t be organized or make money online. Megan and I can help you there. In fact, I wrote a short blog about that here. Megan is going to share tools you can use to get organized right away.

You can check her free training out in Affiliate Marketing University (AMU). It’s the membership I created for the entire family. That’s right – the entire family can join and for only $47/month you can learn together how to build income from home. You can learn more here.

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