The Easy Button On Knowing Who Your People Are

Who is ready to find out who your people are?  I call this your bat signal. Knowing who your people are is the first step in creating a business – especially if you are doing affiliate marketing.

When you know who your people are you can come across as completely authentic, completely transparent, and actually help them.

So, grab a notebook and turn it sideways. Draw a long line and put an arrow at the end of it.  This line represents your life.  Next, you’re going to put hash marks across that line that represent different times in your life when you felt like your back was against the wall. These were times you wished you could have had someone help you. This shouldn’t take you longer than an hour. If it’s taking you longer than an hour, you’re thinking too hard. You can learn more in the short video above.

You’ll probably have two or three major points you could choose. At the end of the hour, I want you to determine which of these hash marks you are going to serve.  You know yourself better than anybody else. You know what you were scared of then. You know what you were searching for and what you were trying to figure out. That is the version of yourself that you are going to serve. That is your audience.  Those are your people.

You might think if you’re only talking to these people or if you’re only creating content for these people doesn’t it leave everybody else out?  Everybody isn’t your person. Everybody isn’t my person. Your people will not know that you’re here for them if you are talking to everybody. Even worse, nobody will even see you if you talk to everybody.  I share more about that in this short blog. 

 Find your people so you can serve your people and make an impact. Check out the guides section in Families Creating Legacies where I share how to do just that.



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