The fail-proof way to keep your Young Living business organized

Who’s ready for a fail-proof way to keep your Young Living business organized? Because here’s the deal, if you are not organized people will slip through the crack. I speak from experience. When I first started, I remember I just used a notebook. I had a notebook and I would write down my leads and when they would come in.

I quickly realized that wasn’t going to cut it when I had 20,30, 40, and then 100 – 150 commenting on a post. How could I keep track of 150 people to follow up with? We’ve all told ourselves that we are going to remember. Right? You say to yourself, “I’ll remember this for sure.” But we don’t. That’s the reality. When we don’t keep organized, we can’t serve our people and we can’t grow our businesses. I talk more about why that isn’t a good plan and what to do about it in the short video at the top of this blog.

I knew those notebooks weren’t going to cut it. I had tons of names, times to follow up and no system to that. So, I started using Get Oiling. You can use my affiliate link here to check it out and get the first month for only $1. Get Oiling includes a CRM, Customer Relationship Manager. All you have to do is enter a person’s name, where you are talking to them, what you are talking about, and create a notification for the next time you want to talk to them.

So, If you’re going to reach back to them in a couple of days, you set the notifier for two days out. It’s going to remind you to talk to that person. This is a game-changer. This is how to make sure families don’t fall through the cracks. This is one of the ways we rock our network marketing business without looking like we are in network marketing. I share more about how to do that in this short blog.

Some things can be automated in our businesses, but building relationships isn’t one of them. This system allows you to be organized but more importantly, you’re going to make an individual on the other end of your message feel seen, heard, loved, and significant. We need to get organized so we can grow our businesses, but this was never just about business. This is about helping people. Let’s Go!

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