The Home-Based Revolution:

The System I Created To Hit $100k+ Months At Home Without The Hustle

If you’re someone that would rather watch than read, I got you 🙂 ^^^

This is designed to give you all of my expertise in bite sized portions so you can implement EXACTLY what I have WITHOUT the 10 year learning curve.

If you’ve been around me for 5 minutes or longer, you already know, I’m no fluff, no BS, and a straight shooter.

I am empowering the people in my program to create the lives they DESIGN from a place of service and not selling.  Because, at the end of the day, my firm belief is that people who are no longer financially stressed out, and are living in abundance, begin to live in full on service to others, and that’s my mission here. To help families alleviate their need for a 40, 60 or 80 hour a week job AND become their own bosses where they make the calls. They create income streams that bring in more than is needed, so the stress goes away and they can live from their hearts.

Now, let’s get into what you will be able to say after you have gone through my program:

-You will be able to say you have your own community that you share such heart centered values with, that you can serve them in a way no one else on the planet can.

-You will be able to say that any one of your many income streams could fall flat, and you wouldn’t even blink about it…

-You will be able to say you can’t believe how good it feels to show up in service everyday, AND get to go on vacations, pay cash for things you never dreamed imaginable, and completely kiss money stress goodbye.

-You will be able to say that each of your income streams supports the others, so they essentially all grow each other.

-You will be able to say you created a community of new best friends and feel better about your future than you ever have before in your life. 

-You will also be able to set goals that you can ACTUALLY reach because you know EXACTLY how you will do that.

So far as the learning and implementation is concerned, I need you to be able to give me 5 hours a week. (You are welcome to spend more than 5 hours of work each week if you’re anything like me and geek out on serving, but it’s not necessary)

A big question I get is “Is this just for network marketing?” and the answer is no.

While I think network marketing is an extremely lucrative income stream and suggest it to anyone (given it’s a good ethical company that is in alignment with your values), it’s not necessary to be successful in my program.

Now, that said, IF you’re in network marketing, this is going to ROCK YOUR ENTIRE WORLD.  Not only will your team grow faster, but EVERYTHING will.

Ok, so you’re probably wondering WHAT you will be learning:

Let’s talk about it. Basically, I’m teaching you how I got my income streams to over $100k/mo consistently, sound good?

First things first, I have a way to determine your own personal brand, it’s called your Bat Signal, and if you’re in other courses of mine, you have briefly heard about it, but in this program, we take a DEEP DIVE to make sure you are pin pointed on exactly who you are here to serve and HOW you are going to show up. (this is the basis for EVERYTHING)

Then we drill down on what income streams are for YOU specifically and how to do them WELL.  There are plenty of options out there, and not everyone’s portfolio will look the same, but you will be educated enough to know what you want in yours.  This can be anything from selling on Etsy to course creation, to affiliate marketing to coaching to network marketing, or all of them. (there are more than just these, we’ll get into them all…some require working on them daily, and some are basically your money going out and getting a job, lol!)

After that, we start working on your nest.  This is where you find, nurture and serve your audience.  I believe I’m the best person on the planet to teach this because I have yet to meet another entrepreneur that loves people like I do, so I can show you how to create unshakeable bonds with your audience, and all in service.

Next, we drill down on the MOM STRATEGY, which is how we can be everywhere at once 🙂  Perfect title, yes? Lol! Another of my strong suits is content strategy. How to create content that is needed, where to put it, how to link it all together, and I’m not just talking one or two channels, I’m talking about creating an entire spiderweb of YOUR STUFF all over the internet, so you are EVERYWHERE, which creates an obvious authority in the minds of your people. (because it should…because of what you will be posting 🙂 )

After that we will take a deep dive into how to “unsell”….so you don’t feel like you’re being weird and salesy (because people can smell that a mile away, and even if you’re the most authentic person on the planet, that will turn people off)…after this program, you will be a master at showing up in service without feeling like you’re being salesy, but still creating MASSIVE INCOME STREAMS.

Next up, we go into the help.  How to build a team to help you when you’re ready for that.  And no, it doesn’t need to cost a fortune, but you definitely need to have your ducks in a row, know how to onboard properly and how to manage your helpers, so we will go into all of that.  (PS, this is how you SCALE)

And then we look at the horizon…we jump into mindset, remove any blocks that are plaguing you.  My friend, Heather Harbaugh will be doing Mindset sessions at least once a month in our student group.  Essentially, you will be stepping into the biggest version of you, and I’ll be there holding your hand.

And finally, we will have lots of professionals come in and chat about investing, home based business taxes and so on…

AND as a bonus, I will be teaching you EXACTLY how I find pull the people out of the crowd that are READY for what I have as an offer whether it’s a course, coaching, affiliate marketing, network marketing, it’s doesn’t matter what the offer is, there are very strong ways to pull your people out of the crowd so you can SERVE them.


When creating this program, I squeezed every little piece of gold out of my mind that will be shortcuts, tips, tricks and hacks to help you on your way.

Oh! And you will receive a FULL YEAR access to the student group which includes weekly group coaching and support from people doing exactly the same thing you are…there is no better classroom ever, than people doing the same thing, open to sharing wins.  There just isn’t.

This is it, friend.  What you have been waiting for.

The starting discount for this program is half what it will be, and that is good until August 24, 2020. Not only do you get half off, but you will also receive LIFETIME ACCESS to the group coaching portion of the program that includes the live Momentum Calls every Tuesday night.

That said, over 5,000 ppl have already raised their hand for it, and an email went out to over 7,000 of my folks to let them know about it as well…so if you’re ready, message me back and say “I’M IN” so we can get you all set up, and since it’s first come first served, time is definitely of the essence on this one.

Your investment is a one-time payment of $2997 (which will be going up again after the first 6 months, because quite frankly, I’ve already been able to get many people to $10k/mo in just the first couple of months…so as I get people to 25 + 50K months, it only makes sense that the investment should reflect the benefit 🙂 )

Let’s talk about my guarantee: 

If you aren’t making at least 10k/mo within 6 months, I’ll keep working with you until you do…

And…if you break my record of making $100k/mo in 6 months or less, I’ll give you a full refund…

How’s that for life changing?

Ok, so again, just message me back and say “I’M IN” if you’re ready to really do this thing.

Wanna see what people are saying? (if so, keep reading 🙂 )

Meggan had a 20x RETURN on her investment with HBR within EIGHT WEEKS…so… 🙂

Here’s her story:

Ok, so again, just message me back and say “I’M IN” if you’re ready to really do this thing.