The Invincible Family Project – How Amanda’s Faith Led Her to Serve

Today is so special! I’ve got Amanda Moss, one of the authors of The Invincible Family, with me and you won’t want to miss her story. Guys, this book is gold.  It’s a compilation of stories shared by families that are doing what society would call the impossible. They’re breaking chains – and those chains look different to everybody. Once those chains are broken, families can redefine what life can look like.

The coolest part is that our kids see what’s possible.

Amanda’s world has changed so much since she started. She’s a woman of faith who is into personal development. She’s a mama and shares about her family structure and what it’s like having a little boy from a different culture. She tells us about the looks that they’ve gotten and how she had to work through that. Today her boy is eight and she’s working on helping him embrace who he is. You can hear more about her powerful story in this short video.

Don’t miss Amanda’s story. You can check out her chapter by grabbing a copy of The Invincible Family here. The bottom line is we have so many families who are finding a way to change the narrative. You can do the same. You can change the narrative of what a family can look like – what work can look like – and what life can look like. You guys – you don’t have to be stuck in a carpeted cubicle missing your family. I know because that’s where I was and I found a way to change everything. That’s why I share today. I share exactly how I found a way to change my family’s life. You know I’m committed to helping families like yours and Amanda’s learn to earn income from home.  Affiliate Marketing University is about to go live this month and that is where I’m sharing everything with you. If you want to check out the f free one-hour master class you can find it here. 



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