THE KONA CHALLENGE – What’s Working Now

Who is excited for the Young Living Kona Challenge? It’s the annual challenge where Young Living Brand Partners get the chance to earn incredible prizes and even a trip to Hawaii just for serving people and growing their businesses. I am so excited that we have three Cutting Edge members on the first page of the Leaderboard! In this blog, I’m sharing Melissa’s story. She earned one of the top spots on the Leaderboard by using the tools she learned about in the Cutting Edge. If you’d like to learn more about Cutting Edge and how to grow your Young Living Business when you haven’t been able to before, stay tuned!

Melissa has been with Young Living for 22 years. She has ranked as high as Gold but often felt her business had stalled. She joined the Cutting Edge program and her business took off like a rocket! In December of 2022, Melissa enrolled 8 new/reactivated members – her highest month ever! One of her team members enrolled 11!

At first, she was nervous that it was a fluke. Then, she started to get discouraged because she was mid-way through January and had zero enrollments. Then, in the last 9 days of the month, she enrolled 10 people – 8 on Loyalty Rewards. Melissa isn’t alone. We have success story after success story, and you can check out Tanya’s in this short blog.

Cutting Edge is an amazing resource for Young Living Brand Partners. It provides detailed instructions on how to successfully launch your business from day one. You’ll learn how to utilize social media to increase engagement with potential customers and build relationships with them. You’ll also learn about how to best serve your customers which will generate more leads. Finally, you’ll get advice on how to stay organized with all your business activities so that you never miss an opportunity or forget a task. To learn more, you can listen to the video at the top of this blog.

Cutting Edge members can participate in and share the 11-Day Jumpstart which was one of the keys to Melissa’s growth. It’s designed so that anyone can use it regardless of experience level or income goals – making it perfect for everyone from complete beginners all the way up through seasoned veterans in the industry.

If you’re looking for ways to jump-start your business growth and break free from feeling stuck – look no further than Cutting Edge. It will change your life too! To learn more and join Cutting Edge message @LivinthedreamwithMartha on FB the words “cutting edge” if that doesn’t work, just personally message me and we’ll go over the details and get you in!


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