The Power Of Good Friends Around You

Today’s blog is about is the power of having good friends around you. This is truly impactful. Make sure the people in your circle speak life over you. My team and I recently held a retreat for eight members of our community. These retreats are for everyone’s spiritual, personal and business growth.  When you have great people together you are all positively impacted. I had one conversation I want to share with you today

There was a period of my adult life where I didn’t have that many friends. I was focused on my family and felt like I didn’t have time for friendships. Now that I’ve taken the time to develop some incredible friendships I realize that God speaks to us through our friends. Have you every heard the expression He polishes us as stones? Our friends are part of how God does that. As this conversation at the retreat unfolded, I realized that there are some things that actually chip at us, things that break us. Then a good person, a good friend, follows up and polishes that chipped spot. I talk more about that in this short video

The friends I have at this point help polish my stone. We help polish each other’s stone. We share new perspectives and help each other grow. My challenge to you, if you are anything like me and you have a hard time opening up, is to allow yourself to be vulnerable and loved as God brings people to you. This is especially important if you’ve experienced losing friends and it broke your heart. I believe that is why these people are coming into your life – because

We are better together.

I believe the enemy would love nothing more than to disconnect us. We need to get around people that are edifying – people that build each other up. This goes for our businesses as well. What is one thing friends ask friends for? I answer that question in this short blog post. This weekend we called out each others gold. There’s something so next level in speaking life over people. There are miracles that come out when you allow that to happen. If you would like to join a community that is constantly calling out each other’s gold check out my free Facebook Group here. Let’s polish each other’s stones!



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