The Secret to Getting Free Media (No Matter What Industry You’re In) Part 1 of 2

What is the secret to getting free media? A massive resource is HARO. What is HARO? It stands for Help a Reporter Out. If you aren’t familiar with the life of a journalist, they have a lot to do every day and they don’t get paid a lot. They have to produce content all the time and they need sources.  HARO is one of the places they find their sources. It’s as simple as this, you sign up as a source. Now, if you just thought I’m not confident I could be a source, I’m here to tell you you are absolutely a source.

If you’ve been through something in your life and gotten through it let me tell you – you are a source!

Now, you read through the requirements,  go to subscriptions at the top and sign up for the free one. I walk through how to do it in this short video. You then chose a category of what you can be a source for and you will just chose the ones you could be asked questions about and have a real answer. No need to stretch and think I kind of can be a source for this.

When you are in HARO you chose the categories closest to what you already share. We don’t want media that positions us as something we are not. The point of this is to get media that is laser focused on how we are serving people. Consistency is going to be your friends here and if you struggle with consistency I wrote a short blog post to help you here.

The other thing you can chose is how many times a day you can get emails. You can get one morning noon and night or just get them once a day. When you get the email there will be blurbs on what they need answers for and you simply click on the link and give your answer.Here is the thing – they don’t let you know if they use your quote/content. So throughout the next week you want to google that publication and your name so you can be sure to know when you are published! Stay tuned for the second step in how to do this in tomorrow’s blog! Now, who is signing up with HARO? If you’d like more tips like this join my Free Facebook Group here. 





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