The SECRET To Growing A Facebook Group From Scratch

Today we are talking about the secret to growing a Facebook group from scratch. You might be like; Martha why are we talking about Facebook groups? This is the best path for moms or anyone working from home, to create multiple income streams. We don’t buy adds because a Facebook group allows us to be able to build good community.

When we build good community, and we can serve that community, that is where your path to success begins.

A Facebook group is the place where your people find you. It’s where your people find a way to be able to see all the ways you have to connect with and support them.  It can be like a support group in the best way. It’s where we can help lift each other up when done properly.  Maybe these are things that you didn’t realize that you needed.  I share more about them in this short video My job is to make sure that you as a mom or a dad, as a family starting into this transition of creating income from home, that you don’t get sidelined.  I don’t want you to get confused or paralyzed or overwhelmed.  My job is to make sure that you know what you need to know so you can make these moves.

I have a training on this in Families Creating Legacies Facebook Group where I share five different ways to grow a Facebook Group from scratch. I’m a teacher at heart and I love sharing this with you. You might already have a Facebook group. This training can help you too! The thing is, you need to constantly be building that group. That is how you keep filling your funnel. We always need people coming into the top of our funnel. Whenever that stops, everything gets stagnant and your business stops growing.  When you stop bringing leads in, your business stops growing, your income streams stop growing.  I teach you how to do this with love and grace so don’t be worried about being salesy. There is none of that around here. If you want to check out my How to Make a Million Dollar Facebook Group training you can join Changemaker’s Den, my new weekly income stream intensive program. It’s only $1 for the first month and $37/month after that. You can become a Changemaker here

Have the best day!

xo Martha

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