The Step I Took BEYOND Forgiveness That Changed My Whole Life

Today I’m sharing the step I took beyond forgiveness that literally has changed my whole world. We all have people in our lives that we need to forgive. In my case I had people let me know that there was someone saying negative things about me for over six months.

Honestly, I don’t pay attention to things like that because it’s not in my own sphere of ministry. I pay attention to what I need to pay attention to. When I heard about it I was hurt and a little mad. I mean they’re telling lies – saying things that aren’t even true.

So, I prayed about it. I prayed to find peace in the situation. I prayed about what I was supposed to be learning. I’m asking God how I should be growing through this. My initial prayer was that God forgives me for anything I did wrong. Part of my prayer was to illuminate to me anything I did wrong, so I don’t do it again. I talk more about that in the short video at the top of this blog.

After praying, I forgave this person. But I didn’t want to go beyond forgiveness. I sat there getting into the place where I needed to be to do just that. I had to take the next step. I thought of them, and I thought of their families, and I moved into a place of wanting the best for them. I prayed for them.

So, as I sat with that feeling – of wanting the best for them my hurt ego and hurt feelings were lifted off my heart. I was released of so much baggage. Taking that extra step is my challenge for you today. It’s not easy. I believe when we grow like this it can change everything. Our mindset is the key. I recently did a 3-day challenge that will also help you with mindset. You can check the challenge out yourself in this short blog.

Have the Best Day

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