Hey friends!

I was asked by a Diamond friend of mine to create compensation plan break downs from rank to rank, so here we are.

I kind of love this because it’s literally ONLY what people need to be concerned with RIGHT NOW instead of getting their head all filled up with numbers that may or may not feel paralyzing.

Here’s an interesting thing that happens as you start growing.

In the very beginning when it’s just you…you go to your dashboard and are like…ok…so 100pv is where I’m at….alright….so where do I go from here? And also (and most importantly) how in the world do I actually get there?

In this video I break down how to get to the next rank, not only in numbers, because that’s a pretty easy part…but what the numbers actually represent, who you should be talking to first, how to get that ball rolling, and really, how to start building that business TODAY…instead of feeling like you need to wait for something to happen first.

I also show you how to do it in accordance with our Silver Bound bonus, so how many months you have to hit the next rank, and like I said before, how to get there.

By the way, Hi, I’m Martha….and you really don’t need to think about much from here on out if you stick with me 🙂

I’m a Professional Business Strategist, so I’m on your side all day long, I do strategy for FUN…this business is not only soul satisfying, it can really bless your entire family as well as your friends and families’ families financially.

Young Living is, in my humble opinion, the best business on the planet, and it attracts the best PEOPLE on the planet to help it GROW and EXPAND…and when that happens, literally EVERYONE WINS.

When I first started, I had a lot of trial and error that I had to go through to create a system that was TRULY duplicatable, which meant that everyone could do it, without fail.

But luckily, now that is all created, and there is no more trial and error necessary. The blueprint is created. The strategy is there. And it’s duplicating thousands of times over at this point.

So, hey, CONGRATS on joining the BEST COMPANY ON THE PLANET! We are about to make some serious moves, and I have already taken the guess work out of it…so now you just need to know how to hit those ranks! And that is what I’m sharing in this series!

Let me know what questions you have in the comments 👇

xo Martha

Oh, and if you want my gift to you which is a guide on 5 Ways To Set Yourself Apart As A Young Living Distributor WITHOUT Teaching Classes just click here, if not, no biggie 😉


Martha is passionate about all things wellness related. She believes if we have good nutrition and a much smaller load of toxins in our lives, we will be more productive people over all, and in the end that means we can live more in purpose, on purpose, and that is everything to Martha.

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