Watch a Bat Signal 1:1 in progress…

How do you decide who you serve in your business? I call that person our Bat Signal. In this blog, I’m helping Kim figure out her Bat Signal and you can come along to see how it’s done. I believe who we serve is a version of ourselves from the past. The first thing I recommend is that you look back on your life. Think of the times you have struggled and how you overcame your challenges. Your business is serving people who are in that struggle with that same challenge right now. You’re showing them how you came through which is a powerful place to serve from.

Sometimes we have a hard time seeing the forest for the trees in our own businesses.

Kim has done a lot in her life. She worked in the restaurant business for years which taught her a ton about customer service, especially anticipating needs. In the last several years she has printed lottery tickets and worked as a funeral director. You can hear her talk more about her experiences in the video at the top of this blog.

Her favorite part of working at the funeral home is helping people in distress.

When we looked at helping people through the deaths of loved ones Kim worried that might be difficult for her. She works in that every day. Here is the pivot that might help you figure out your Bat Signal. We can choose to help someone in an area we find difficult but not focus on the hardest part of that area.

Kim could show the people she serves how to make their day better as they move through grief. She doesn’t need to be in the heaviness of grief with them. When you’re passionate about something that feels heavy look for a part of it that feels lighter to you that you could help people with today. Wondering how to find your Bat Signal? I wrote a short blog that can help you here.

Kim also has a business sharing health and wellness through Young Living. She can integrate that into helping people in her industry and her clients through diffusing in the funeral home to keep things smelling fresh and welcoming. She also grabs oils for emotional processing and lifting people’s spirits when she’s working with customers. When you have more than one income stream, I recommend weaving them together where it makes sense and is natural like this. I teach people how to grow multiple income streams from home in 5-10 hours a week using what they already know. You can join our community Families Creating Legacies here. Make sure you check out the Guides section for gold nuggets you need to do just that.



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