What Income Stream Should You Start First?

It can be a challenge to decide what the best income stream to start with is. We’re all so different and what works for one may not work for someone else.

The only way I can recommend the best income stream for you to start with is for me to know who you are. That’s a bit different, am I right? It’s true though because again, what one person can start with is going to look totally different from what someone else does. I want all of you to thrive, so this is why I’m breaking it down like this. If you aren’t sure who you are yet, you can take this free (and BOSS) super in-depth personality test.

Let’s talk about the first type of person. This person is led by action. The number one thing that they love is freedom. They are ready to go and amped for action on a dime. A great first income stream for an action person is network marketing because you can hop right in, the product is already there, and you can begin selling immediately. The same is true about affiliate marketing by the way.

The second personality type of person is the nurturing type. For this type of person community, people, and caring about people are most important. If you lead with nurturing, you take a heart centered approach. Your best first two income streams are affiliate marketing and coaching. When I say coaching, it’s not a big deal. I literally mean setting up an acuity link and having time slots that your people can book with you. This is so that you can help those people through what they’re going through.

I go through the last two personality types and great first income streams in this video.  The bottom line is that we’re all individuals and motivated by different things. It’s not one size fits all and that’s good news!

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Have the best day!

xo Martha

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