What is Apologetics, and Why is it Absolutely Necessary to Know?

Today’s blog is so close to my heart! You see my husband, Mike, is currently knee-deep in Apologetics, which means by proxy I’m knee-deep in Apologetics. I feel like people need to understand why it’s our responsibility to know it.

Did you ever see the movie God’s Not Dead? A lot of people loved that movie and I think the reason they loved it so much is because it is based on apologetics. That movie was actually based on the book called Cold Case Christianity you can find here. The author, J Warner Wallace, was an atheist and a homicide detective who would go to crime scenes and try to put together what happened.

The enemy lives in the gray areas. The enemy lives in confusion. The enemy lives in a 99% truth with a 1% lie. If we don’t know better as Christians, then we won’t be able to tell the truth from the lie. If we can’t tell the truth from the lie, then it’s likely we’re going to end up with a lie and veer off the path. I talk more about that in the short video at the top of this blog.

Maybe you aren’t a Christian and you are wondering what this has to do with you. Here is where apologetics comes into play. There is proof outside of the Bible. There is evidence of what happened at different times in history. When I speak about this, I’m not expressing a belief, I’m sharing historical facts. That’s what the book by J Warner Wallace is about. He basically investigates Christianity. Just like he would investigate a crime, he investigates Christianity and you’ve got to read it.

It’s also important for our kids to understand apologetics. If they don’t understand the truth and the proof of what we believe, then they might be on a slippery slope. The good news is that there is also a book just for kids and you can check that out here. The same author, J Warner Wallace, found that kids between the ages of eight and twelve are starting to wonder if Christianity is real. He proves Christianity is real from a detective’s perspective so anyone can understand and believe.

It’s our responsibility to know these things because it isn’t enough just to have our relationship with Jesus. As disciples of Jesus, we need to be able to communicate his message in a way that people can understand. I also believe we need to share more when we see his miracles in this world. I wrote a short blog about sharing miracles that you can check out here. We’re not doing enough of that today. The world needs Jesus, and we need to be able to share his message. How are you going to share the message today?


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