I have had a decent-sized gap in my teeth my entire life.  It was ok, but when I realized what a game-changer veneers were going to be for my smile, it was an absolute no-brainer!  Not only did I have a gap, but I used to grind my teeth, so they were short little guys, and it was really a matter of time before I kept wearing them down shorter and shorter.  No bueno.

Here’s my before:

So, then came the decision for veneers!  Both exciting and terrifying all at once because when I was little I had some dental work done that required filling a cavity…well, while doing that, the anesthetic wore off, but my dentist didn’t believe me and continued to work! It was excruciating, and ever since then I have had a hard time getting to the dentist.  It was just terrifying.   Until I met my new dentist, who is not only an angel, but I call her a tooth artist, lol! She is SO exceptional at what she does!  She took me in her office, went over the procedure and most importantly informed me of sedation dentistry.  It doesn’t put you all the way out, but enough to not really care about what’s happening in your mouth…and that’s all I was looking for.

I’ve never felt so comfortable with a dentist before. So, now to the veneer appointment!

I showed up, had my sedation and what they do is file down your teeth so the temporaries can fit over the top of them. I’m not sure if it’s common practice to have temporaries first, but Dr. Deb Joyner (my dentist) has a machine that makes them in house, while you wait. Isn’t that amazing?! I guess back in the day, you used to get your teeth filed down, then wait for a bit until the porcelain was ready to apply.  Another awesome thing about temporaries is that you can wear your new teeth for a bit to make sure the bite and look are what you want.  If not, you have time to make those adjustments instead of just sucking it up and being ok with it since it’s permanent.

So, after my teeth were filed down, they made the temporaries and glued them in. They are freaking PERFECT! I can’t believe this is really MY smile now!  I couldn’t love it anymore!

And my after (with my temporaries and a bit of a chipmunk face from the swelling, lol):

A lot of people have asked me if the procedure hurt at all, and no, it didn’t!  After hurts a bit because there is a little bit of work done on the gums, but it’s nothing like what I was imagining, lol!  You know, trauma and all.

If you’re looking to get veneers and have questions, please just leave them in the comments section below, and if I can’t answer, I’ll ask my dentist to come on and field questions!

I can’t believe how much this has already changed my life, you guys…I can smile BIG again!!!

Stay tuned to see the permanents when they are put on!

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