What Questions Should You Be Able To Answer About Your Perfect Person? (Batsignal Person)

What questions should you be able to answer about who you are serving in your business? Who is your perfect person? I call this your Bat Signal. If we aren’t very specific about who we’re serving, we can’t speak directly to them.  When you think of your audience as one big group and you speak to them as one big group your message gets lost.

Let’s say your business is helping business owners. Well, there’s a lot of types of businesses. There’s a lot of types of business owners. There’s mom and pop businesses, big corporations, network marketing, and Etsy just to name a few.

Until we speak to somebody specifically, they’re not gonna know that we are talking to them and they’re not going to know that we can help them

You need to be able to answer specific questions about your person. You should be able to describe their day-to-day routine. This gives you context to speak to them. The people that I serve are conservative moms, typically homeschoolers kicking back against the powers that be, they’re using alternative wellness whether it be essential oils or the Wavwatch.

They have home remedy books and when someone has a sniffle, they pull out a natural remedy. She wakes up in the morning at least 1/2 hour before anybody else so she can just sit there and get ready for the day because the moment that the kids wake up she’s moving. You can hear more about that in this short video.

I know what my person’s day is like. I know what affects them. Next, I map out what is scaring them. What do they spend their time worrying about? Next, is how can I them? I think about times in my life when I had to figure something out – something truly difficult. I was probably up until 2 am Googling to try to figure out how to deal with what I was going through.

In the end, I found a way to resolve my problem. Basically, I found a cheat code. That is what I share. You’ve survived some hard things and learned from them. You can help others going through that. I teach you the step-by-step process to do that in the Inner Circle with Martha Krejci. I recommend you start with Affiliate Marketing University so you can start making money right away. You can learn more about that here.








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