What Social Media Platform Is Best For Business?

The best social media platform for you to run your business on is the one you’re already on.

The reason for that is because your people are going to be where you are. There’s a reason why they’re your people, does that make sense? Whatever platform you’re using, make sure that you’re being consistent.

Treat your business like it’s a real business even if it’s an MLM. Some people like to fishtail off what the company puts together. They only use their graphics, promotional stuff, etc. which is fine but honestly, it’s not their job to market your business. They’re doing the best they can but people who are super successful with network marketing are successful because they own it like it’s their career. You have to treat whatever business you’re running like it’s a career if you want full time income from it.

Getting back to which social media channel you should be on, don’t try to be on all of them right away. To do this well, pick one or two to start off with and get really consistent with them. Every channel needs a different type of content so you can spread yourself thin by trying to be on all of them.

Facebook is kind of like the neighborhood bar because it’s all people you know. Instagram is totally different and so is LinkedIn. Once you’re comfortable in the space you were already in to begin with, you can start to expand your reach into other areas. If you try to do it all at once, you’re likely to get overwhelmed and quit before making any real traction.

I went into this a bit more over on my YouTube channel. You can watch that video here.

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Have the best day!

xo Martha

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