Have you ever felt like quitting your business? I believe everybody goes through that. The most successful people have felt like you do. Many of you reading this are in the beginning stages of your businesses. This is where the urge to quit happens the most because you aren’t seeing the results you want to see yet.

If you ask yourself a few questions it just might help. How long have you been working on your business? If we are being real, you’ve also got to ask how long have you’ve been doing it right.  Sure, you started a business, but how long has your entire system been up and running? How long have you been doing all the activities that you know you need to do day in and day out to being successful?

Next, ask yourself where did you learn those things? Who are you learning from? Are they finding success with that same system? I believe when you have the right teacher and the right system, success is within anyone’s reach. If you need inspiration check out my blog post here.

Success leaves clues – so who are you learning from?

Your teacher should be someone who has a proven track record of success doing exactly what they are teaching you to do. If they’re not successful and they’re your teacher – there’s a problem. I share more about that in this short video.  Then we can move on to the question of how much time are you putting into this consistently? Has it been one week? One month? Success takes time.

My students in Home Based Revolution get a step-by-step guide to building their business. People that actually put those steps into action can’t help but grow. So, if you feel like quitting, ask yourself who are you learning from, are you doing all the steps, and how much time have you given it? Did you give it a week and now you want to give up? That’s not what’s going to change your life guys. If you’re learning from somebody you can trust and you’re doing all the steps, you need to double down and commit. You can grab my guide on How To Quit Your Job Without Going Broke Even If You Have No Skills here . Let’s Go!

Have the best day!

xo Martha