What To Do When Your Husband Won’t Get Involved With Your Business

How many of us as wives have told our husbands that we wanted to start a “side gig”?

I’m picturing a sea of hands right now. Let’s just call it…unfortunately there is a natural association of failure with the words “side gig”. In fact, the words might even be synonymous at this point.

There’s really nothing wrong with our husbands just simply tolerating yet another side business. I think the problem comes when we put all of our value and assumed success on what our spouse says about our side gig. Ladies, we just can’t allow our own value and success to hinge on what our husband’s opinion of the business is. It’s not fair to you and it’s not fair to him.

When we seek someone else’s approval on what we’re doing, we’re shifting power that has no business belonging to someone else. Here’s the other thing about seeking approval from our spouse for our business — they don’t have the same information we do. They also don’t have the same drive that we do either. It’s unfair for us to expect them to match our enthusiasm.

If your husband isn’t on board with your side gig, no big deal. All you need to do is let him know about your wins whenever you have them. Also, find a community to settle in that cheers you on as you go. Everyone needs cheerleaders but it’s not fair to make your husband the be all and end all of cheering you on.

Once your husband starts seeing dollars coming in, he’ll probably be just fine with your side gig. We can’t lean on them if they don’t see it though. If you need a community to support you like that then jump into mine. It’s full of the best people on the planet.

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Have the best day!

“xo Martha

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