So, you’re thinking of starting a juice fast?!  Awesome!  First of all, congrats on getting past the thinking that you won’t be able to do it.  That is just crazy.  The DECISION to do it is the hardest part.  The rest is actually really easy…especially with the recipes I share with you because they are just so stinkin’ TASTY!

First things first, you will need a juicer.  I know when I started, I was cringing at the thought of finding out how much a juicer was going to set me back.  As it turned out, it was only $36!  Here is the one I chose and it’s been going strong for a while now! I even juiced a whole sweet potato like a pro!

Next, if you don’t have some glass mason jars or Ball jars, pick some of those up to store your juice in. These are the ones I got. They were the most inexpensive ones I could find.  I’m lookin’ out for you! I’m telling you right now, this doesn’t have to break the bank!

OK, so we have our equipment! Jars, check! Juicer, check! Now for the recipes!!  Just check my recipe section of this site.  I have tried every single on of the recipes myself, AND I let you know if it’s a win or a fail!  Friends don’t let friend make gross juice! I would never do that to you! The recipes are all formatted for 2 8 oz servings. I would try the 2 servings first to make sure you also like it, then start making in 8 servings when you KNOW you LOVE it. Oh! And please, please, PLEASE buy organic fruits and veggies!  You really don’t want to juice pesticides! (Hint: Aldi is your best friend)

Just a side note as I have been asked a lot about how long you can store juice.  It really depends on the juicer you use and how it actually juices. (science…) But, any way you slice it, juice will remain nutrient-dense and yummy for 24 hours.  So, just try to stay in that window when storing. I, myself, have gone a little crazy and kept them for 2ish days, but I don’t recommend it.

And FINALLY, get a support system in place! If you don’t currently have anyone that can help motivate you, hold you accountable and support you right through this thing, then join our group! Heck, join our group either way!! We have a bunch of people that are doing the exact same thing you are and are seeing AMAZING RESULTS!! It’s probably the best group on the internet is all I’m saying 🙂 (I’m biased, I know..I just LOVE them!) I also help coach you through the hard times and sometimes just the questions…either way, we keep you movin’ in the direction of your goals! Oh, and it’s only $5/mo…I don’t think it’s fair to charge a bunch of money for wellness coaching…so I don’t, lol!  This is MY world! Click here when you want to join!

Ok, friends, there it is! All you need to know to start! As always, just comment a question below and I’ll get right back to you!  Happy juicing, friends!

***Update*** This year I did a juice fast with a pre-made juice that is AMAZING! Detoxed me like crazy, and I lost 30lbs in 30 days while eating as well…I strongly suggest using this juice instead of the other way if you’re busy, OR if you don’t have good access to non GMO or certified organic fruits and veggies. Because, let’s call it, if you’re juicing fruits and veggies that have pesticides….you are mainlining those pesticides. Please don’t do it. Just get this juice.  Comment here or hit me up on social media, let’s talk.

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