What You Say Is Why People Aren’t Buying

Let’s break down the common cause of why you’re not selling your stuff.

You look at everything you’ve put into something and get stuck in the space of describing all the things you’ve done to create your offering.

When you talk about your twenty-five hours of content for your course to a busy person, they’ve just lost interest. People’s first experience with us is based on what we say and how we say it. If you come right out of the gate talking about stuff they don’t care about, you’ll lose them forever.

You find success in the implementation of what I’ve taught you, not in the consumption of it. Most people don’t care how long your videos and course content is and if that’s what you’re selling… there’s a big possibility that’s why no one is buying it.

The reason I grow organically without ads is because I know how to communicate with my people. You want your people to be saying “no one understands me quite the way that you do”. Your people care about what your course or coaching can do for them. What will they get out of it? How will it help them get the results they’re looking for? You’ve got to focus on that.

Remember that your people are just starting their journey. You can’t speak to your people as though they’re right where you are already. If you do that, you’re talking to your peers and peers are not buying your stuff. Let’s just get real about that okay?

I want you to impact the lives of your people, but you need to be speaking to your people in order to do that. If you missed the Sales Accelerator Workshop last night, we crushed it. The testimonials coming out of that workshop already are pure gold. People are now equipped to sell their stuff and they feel confident in doing so. You can grab the recording here if you want.

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Have the best day!

“xo Martha

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