When Mindset Work Reveals Your True Purpose with Keilah Sommer

Kailah felt like she didn’t know who she was or what direction to go in and felt completely stuck! She knew she was here to serve but felt lost. Despite all the mindset work she had done in the past, she still didn’t’ know what to do or who to serve. Have you ever had that divine nudge that you were meant to do something but just couldn’t find your way?

Have you ever had that divine nudge that you were meant to do something but just couldn’t find your way?

As Kailah’s moved through my trainings in The Home Based Revolution, she felt her mindset shift. The training helped her realize just how much she had walked through and found victory over in her life. That is when she realized how she could be of service to so many.

Let’s call out the elephant in the room. When we talk about mindset and the work that needs to be done before you can move to the next level, people think they have already done everything that could be done. The glorious eye roll that happens when we talk about the importance of mindset work is something to behold!

Keilah totally relates. She had already done so much work she felt that aspect of her growth was solid. She was confident she didn’t need to do mindset work. Keilah just wanted to know what to do to build a business that would serve others. What are the steps she asked? What she learned is there is always another level of mindset work that can shift our perspective and change everything

Today Keilah knows who to serve! She knows what to do because she did the mindset work.

The entire point of the Invincible Family Project is to share stories of everyday people just like you and me that are doing what it takes to change their lives. Kailah’s journey is so incredible. I know it will inspire you. She shares her story in this amazing interview that you can listen to here. Don’t miss Kailah’s powerful chapter in the The Invincible Family. You can grab that here. We would love to have you join us in my private Facebook community Families Creating Legacies. I teach people to grow and scale their home-based businesses and you check it out by following this link.

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