Why Ads Are NOT The Easy Button To Your Business

If you don’t have a system that already works, don’t buy ads.

Okay great, that’s it, see you next time! I kid, I kid. Seriously though guys, you should have tons of organic success before ever buying a single ad. I see people gathering their pennies or scraping together their last hundred bucks to throw an ad up on Facebook like a hail Mary. It doesn’t work.

Here’s the thing – your system needs to be proven organically first. If it’s not yet that’s because your message isn’t tight enough yet. That’s totally fine, we can fix that, but throwing an ad at a cold market without a tight message isn’t going to get you the success you’re after.

I actually don’t recommend spending a dime on ads until you’re making hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Why? Because then you have the extra funds to play around with them. You will lose money on ads so make sure that you have the money to spare first.

Building your business organically is going to yield lasting results and loyal customers. Isn’t that a better plan anyway? I’m not suggesting you never use ads, but if you only have a couple of bucks to your name, ads are NOT the easy button to your success. The easy button to your business success is the Home-Based Revolution. My client Megan Dale just had her first $1000 day. How awesome is that? That’s a $30k month you guys. What could you do with $30k/month?

I am here for your results.

That’s what drives me and that’s what will always drive me. I don’t want you wasting your time and money while getting frustrated trying to make ads work. There’s a much better way and that’s organically. To get the rest of my thoughts on this you can watch this video.

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Have the best day!

xo Martha

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