I interviewed one of my students last week and it was so powerful. Meggan Larson is one of the authors in my best-selling book collaboration The Invincible Family Project. This book is full of inspirational stories of women who have changed their situations and rekindled their hope for a better future. I highly recommend it!

What Meggan shared was powerful because for a lot of people what she went through is their worst nightmare. She was diagnosed with a very rare and aggressive cancer when she was just 29 years old. She had two babies at home and had to immediately stop nursing her three-month-old to start chemotherapy. The way that she chose to go through cancer is inspirational but what came next was unexpected.

You would think that cancer would be the worst thing that someone goes through, but it was after the cancer that was the most challenging for her and her family. Because they were self-employed, the income stopped as soon as she was diagnosed. They put everything on credit cards because they had already been living paycheck to paycheck. There were no savings.

By the time they got through the cancer crisis, they were so far in debt that they couldn’t afford the monthly payments.

Creditors started calling and just got more and more aggressive. The stress of being called by people demanding money was worse than going through cancer. It was far more traumatic for Meggan than anything she went through during those several months of treatment.

Anytime her phone rang, her palms got sweaty and her heart raced. It was so awful that at one point she even considered if it would be easier on the family if they could cash in on one of their life insurance policies.

The worst part is that there are so many families in the same situation and that just breaks my heart. If you want to watch Meggan’s interview, you can do that right here. You can grab the book here to find out the rest of the story.

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