Who do you serve in your business? I call that person your Bat Signal. If you’ve followed me for a minute, you know this is the first and potentially most important thing to identify in your business. This is also one of the places most people get stuck. So, in today’s blog, I’m walking someone through figuring out who their bat signal is going to be. Wondering what a Bat Signal is? Check out this short blog I wrote.

I am going to help make choosing who you serve super easy for you.

It doesn’t matter what field you’re in. I have learned the most from people that were not in my field. Joy is working on figuring out her Bat Signal. Joy’s life was transformed when she learned how everything from food allergies to hormones and adrenal fatigue was impacting her health.

She realized that a lot of people who were managing health issues related to those challenges simply accepted that struggle as normal. They didn’t know things could be so much better. Joy’s story will show you just how powerful it is to improve your health. You can hear her story by watching the video at the top of this blog.

Joy has helped several people figure out their health challenges and come alongside them to support them as they worked to get better. I helped Joy focus on a powerful experience she had that highlighted how urgently she needed to get better for her and revealed exactly who her Bat Signal would be. Helping Joy focus on who she is going to serve and the very specific way she can serve them gives her the foundation she needs to build her business on.

If you need help figuring out who you serve, we’ve got your back. My team and I do this every day and it makes all the difference for people starting new businesses. You can learn more about me and my team and make an appointment here.

Knowing who you serve and how you serve them is the first step you need to take. If you are trying to serve everyone, I promise you no one can hear you and you end up serving no one. Your message is too important for that. Let’s figure out who you serve today and get you started on your future today.

Have the Best Day