There are times when owning a business that you experience dips in your income. When you know why the lack of income is happening, it’s a lot easier to fix.

The first reason is why most business owners aren’t making money. The good news is that it’s really easy to change. The reason is… you’re not telling anyone about what you have to offer! It’s the most obvious issue but I hear it again and again from my clients. The first thing I ask is if they’re telling people about their offers and most of the time the answer is a sheepish no.

People need to hear things basically twenty to thirty times now in order for them to make a buying decision. So many people tell others once or twice and then they don’t want to be annoying, so they stop. I guarantee you most people have not even seen your offer. The simplest way to avoid annoying your audience with offers is to make sure you’re bringing a ton of value to them for free. Then when you mention that they can work with you in some capacity, it’s a very easy transition.

The second reason why your business isn’t making money is simply because you didn’t think ahead to who you were going to market to. You have to set yourself apart somehow and getting really specific about who your audience is, is the best way to do it. There are tens of thousands of people selling the very same thing you are so what makes you different?

You have to position yourself well in the marketplace. Know your people. Identify your audience well and you’ll be on your way to a booming business.

I did say there were three reasons your business isn’t making money and there are. You can find the third one over on my YouTube channel where I talk more about this.

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xo Martha