How Successful Agents List Their Homes (This One Trick Will Get More Buyers In The Door)

How do successful real estate agents list their homes? In a recent blog I shared how to write a compelling residential listing. You can check that out here. Now I’m going to share you how can make sure that everybody out there, every type of person, feels spoken to in that listing. This strategy will help you speak to every potential buyer. Here’s why. While we all know that pictures are a really big deal whenever we’re looking at residential listings, people also read through the description. That description is critical.

When you have the tools to communicate with literally every personality type and understand their buying style, including their buying triggers, you will see incredible results.

I’m recommending two tools. You can use the first tool to create the copy for the listing. You don’t have to write your own listing. Then I take that copy and put it into the second tool that will help me ensure my final copy appeals to every personality. I show you exactly how to use the tools that will help you do just that in this short video. In 10 minutes or less you’re going to be good to go. You can grab the tool that helps you write the copy here and this link gives you 10,000 words or five days for free whichever comes first.

There are so many different types of buyers in the world and very few of us can connect with each of them naturally. That is where the second tool is critical. Some of your clients will be action oriented and want to act quickly, others don’t want to be sold to, they want to do their own research.  This tool will enable you to understand what they’re experiencing and make sure they feel seen and heard. When an individual feels seen and heard, they feel respected. When we feel respected, we naturally trust the person that respects us. You can use the second tool I recommend to do just that. It is only $1 for the first month after that it goes up to $99 bucks a month. I’m telling you right now we use it in every single piece of my business, and it is absolutely worth way more than $99 bucks a month! Check that out here. 

Have the best day!

xo Martha

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