Whenever you are becoming an affiliate marketer, businessperson or advocate you need to become a content creator in some capacity. I understand if you just had a moment! I totally get it and I’ve got your back. Ten years ago, I didn’t consider myself a content creator. Today I do it every day. How? Because I use the right tools and I’m here to share them with you.

The tool I’m sharing with you today uses artificial intelligence to generate the creative titles you need to make your content pop. You do not need to waste time being a content creator when you can use a tool like this to free up your time. This is an easy button. The technology literally writes for you. If you follow this link, it will start you off with 10,000 words for free. This is affordable, simple, and as long as you know your niche, you can create content all the live long day.

This is the tool that 90% of content creators use!

I show you a great example of how to use the application in this video here. What you will see is that you can enter a topic and get titles and suggestions generated that are simply gold. How does it work? It scrapes the internet and searches for the words, phrases, and topics that people want to know about and then serves up great titles to you. How cool is that?

So if coming up with video ideas has felt impossible before, I’ve got you. This tool is also incredible when it comes to copywriting. Bottom line your time is valuable, and this tool is inexpensive and powerful. The best in the business use it and so can you. You can learn more about tips like this by being a part of my Facebook Group where I’m helping everyday start and grow home based businesses here.

Have the best day!

xo Martha