How can you create a profitable brand?  It seems people feel a personal brand is either a Holy Grail that you work hard for or something somebody accidentally slips into. Maybe they connected with an amazing brand.  Maybe they were already popular, and they leveraged that popularity into a brand like Kylie Jenner has done.

Normal people think how do you actually create a brand on your own? A brand is who you are. It’s your voice. When we’re talking about personal brand it’s really about who you are and how you represent yourself.  There is the visual part of your brand that should amplify who you are.  Right now a lot of my branding is switching up.  I’ve talked for a year about how I love comics. I love cartoons. I love superhero stuff.

I love superheroes because I believe that we all have superpowers. I believe that we were all born with things that we’re innately good at.  We don’t realize we’re so doggone good at some things because we were born with those skills. I talk more about that in the short video at the top of this blog. Let’s talk about your brand.

What is your personality? What do you love to do? That is the foundation of your brand

 You might even go back to your teenage years. Think about who you were before you started to feel like you lost yourself. I went through 15 years of losing who I was. I got caught up in alcoholism and it start shadowing and shrouding who I really was. Now I’m very clear about who I am. When people meet me in person they comment on how I’m exactly the same as I am on my live videos and that’s 100% true.

Once you’ve found your voice you want to decide what visually represents what you are about. A friend of mine is doing a free workshop to teach you how to do just that. You will learn how to set up your brand in Canva. You can check it out here.

When you have your brand guide it helps ensure that your visuals are always cohesive. That makes your job a lot easier. You’ll know what colors and fonts to use and how to share your brand with Virtual Assistants and companies that can then help you with the visual parts of your brand.

Have the Best Day