Welcome to the newest addition to the suite of Facebook tools in your toolbox!

I’m actually kinda excited about this one….I mean, I geek out on everything that we are given to play with on these platforms, but this one has the ability to really create a genuine sense of urgency, a lead magnet AND a way to create authority in your industry in a MAJOR WAY.

In the video above ^ I talk about my master strategy behind using messenger rooms, as well as what they are in the first place and what you can do in them.

Now, I want to ADD to that, so make sure you watch the video first, or you’ll be completely lost…go ahead, I’ll wait…

——————————-watch the video 🙂 ———————————–

Ok, welcome back, pretty cool, huh?

NOW…you know where I talked about being able to know who was in the room with you?

Let’s get crackin’!

Here’s what you do.

Create a lead magnet. If you’re not sure what a lead magnet is, it’s a guide or a video, really just something of massive value to your audience that you are going to give them for free in exchange for their email address.

Your lead magnet should, of course, have to do with the subject matter of your group topic from above.

At the end of your tiny training, you let them know they can dig deeper in your guide, share the link and let them start taking their journey with you.

I would avoid the desire you will inevitably have to make them get the lead magnet to win the prize talked about in the video…that will feel bait and switch-ey, so please don’t do that….just give the prize to someone live in the training, but make the lead magnet something irresistible to a good qualified lead, so you don’t need to “make” them do anything….they WANT to know more…

Because quite frankly…you don’t want people on your email list that you “tricked” to get on there.

You want people that LOVE what you talk about, your perspective and all of it. They will be your people. They will be EXCITED to get emails from you. They will be your future clients.

Ok friends, I just wanted to elaborate EVEN MORE so you could really get some BANG out of this new tool!

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xo Martha