Is Batching Content a Good Idea? Pros & Cons Explained

Ok, let’s jump in with both feet because I’m not interested wasting either of our time.

Batching content. First of all, what does it mean? It really just means creating a bunch of content at once to then push out into the internet and social media channels in a regular repeating pattern either automatically or manually.

Is it good? I mean, yes, BUT….(and mind you, this is coming from the girl that did a full on 90 Days of Content in 90 Mins training (free) which is all about knowing what content to create and making it in minutes…)

So, let’s talk about the good side first, then we’ll talk about the not-so-good side, then how to make it all work together so you’re still saving massive amounts of time without appearing totally disconnected to your topic and your audience, sound fair? Lezzzzgo!

Ok, so the good side. Once you know your pillars, you can quickly and easily create content for the year which gives you NO STRESS in the content game, which is really the first step to organically CRUSHING the online business thing….so batching is good for that, BUT….

Where it’s bad is when you create all of your content for a year, but say one of your posts has very newly relevant updates when you post it, but you didn’t catch that because you “pre created” or “pre batched” it months prior, so now you look UNINFORMED….oh my goodness, that is my own personal nightmare….looking like a Charlatan, or someone that doesn’t really know what their talking about…..(my chest is tightening even saying that….I NEED people to know that I’m very informed and aware of my content pillars, because I AM….and so are YOU!)

So, here’s what I do to keep things organized, relevant, keep the stress off me, but also totally FRESH.

I do the year of content as I teach it in the free 90 Day training above, BUT….I ONLY do the titles, not the full blog posts yet…then, at the beginning of every month, I grab 30 titles (one for every day…also you should evenly distribute the pillars through this, as not to ever get too heavy on any one pillar…this will make sense after the training).

NOW, with those 30 titles, I choose enough titles for the week, and batch THOSE. So the WEEK of content, I create super quick with the strategy I teach in that training (not enough time to go into it here, which is why I recorded that for you),

This way, you still have easy batchable content, AND get to stay relevant and up to date on the specific topics at hand.

Winner, winner….you just said the rest in your head, didn’t you? 🙂

Anywho, this is what I personally do….actually, this post itself?  Yes, a product of what I’m teaching you here.

Hey, I’m Martha, and I DO what I TEACH every single day.

Have the BEST day and chill! This can be sooooooo easy!

Talk soon!

xo Martha


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