Launch Day!

The membership is live you guys! This membership is gonna crush. You have no idea how many opportunities we are bringing to this community.  We are talking about major partners with revolutionary technology giving us generous affiliate opportunities. Boom!

 We all get excited when we earn that first $1.30 as an Amazon affiliate.  That is awesome.  What’s also awesome is that I’ll be introducing you to owner offers that are offering $150 plus on each sale.  That’s the type of affiliate that is coming in. You can learn more about our partners and how excited they are to be a part of the membership in the short video at the top of this blog.

The power behind these offers is that we’ve searched for the best for AMU. We have the owner offers themselves coming in to do trainings just for our community. And, I’ll be teaching you specifically how to share each offer so it’s never skeezy or weird. I’ll give you examples of how to fit the offers into your narrative. I’ve got your back even if you feel like you’ve tried to earn money online in the past and failed. I wrote a short blog post about that here. 

I’m making this accessible for everyone which is why I priced the membership at $47/month for your family. It’s risk-free because it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. My goal is to help you make much more than $47/month as a family. I’ve even partnered with a group that will be showing you how to save $1,600 immediately.  There is literally no risk.

This membership is a win win win. It’s a win for the partners that are joining us. It’s a win for our members who are getting access to incredible training and special affiliate opportunities. It’s a win for our community as we come together to help families.

I’ve made sure the benefits of the membership are off the hook. All of my courses are even in the membership. Why? Because I’m committed to helping families. We all see how families are struggling today. There are parents out there not eating so their children can eat. That is not OK.

I have built an affiliate income from the ground up that has secured my family’s future and I’m showing you exactly how to do just that. You can learn more here.

Have the Best Day



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