Why Time Blocking Doesn’t Work For You

Time blocking is one of my secret weapons. I absolutely love it and credit much of my success to the ability of being able to hyper focus for fifteen-minute blocks of time and get stuff DONE.

But time blocking doesn’t work for everyone. Let’s talk about why that is.

If time were the real issue in the first place and you felt like “OK I have these tasks to do but I don’t have enough time to do it”, if really and truly that were your only issue time blocking would be your answer.

For most people though, time isn’t the issue; your belief is. Your issue is that you don’t really believe you can succeed in the first place so why on earth are you going to commit? That’s what’s really going on there. It was never about time. It was about your own belief in yourself.

Sometimes it’s also your lack of faith in the system that’s being modeled to you. If you’re seeing someone do something for business that makes you feel icky, you’re not going to do it. That’s why I created a system that works for everyone on the planet because it’s based in service.

You need to stay focused on what really matters in your business and that’s your heart behind it. Once you recognize that your issue is actually belief, it can be game over for that entire thought process. You can turn it all around and begin making changes today. We have to stop blaming everything around us. You guys, I love you so much, but you are the common denominator. The beauty is that you can make a different decision.

Time blocking works. If it’s not working for you, you need to get introspective and figure out what the issue is. I show you how to fix that in this video.

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Have the best day!

xo Martha

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