I recently attended a Mastermind focused on building partnerships and relationships. If you read my blog about being an introvert, I say we should normalize introverts taking an extrovert with us to events so they can pull us out of our shell in front of other people. That’s what I did at this Mastermind! Part of the Mastermind was training to get your skills on 10. For me the main purpose was too able to create relationships and partnerships for Affiliate Marketing University. (AMU)

You may already know that I’m putting everything in Affiliate Marketing University. I’ve taken a Wrecking Ball to my business and all my courses, all of my everything, is being reorganized inside the AMU Membership.  The structure of the course will take you from learning how to earn zero dollars to 1K a month in the first module. There will be a different curriculum for 1-3K a month. Then you move up to the curriculum for 3-5K a month, then the 5-10K a month and then 10K a month to scale. Scale just means wherever you want to go with your business. In fact, I’m growing a new business from the ground up – from 0-7 figures a month for you to follow along. You can read my short blog about that here.

I’m also bringing in other experts. I’m not going to pretend that I’m the best at everything. I don’t think any of us should. That’s a very heavy space to be in mentally. So, I bring in what I call super friends. It’s about to be so incredibly lit with super friends. I’ve connected with people that I’ve known for a while, that just found out about the new membership that we’re doing, and they want in. To hear about one of our first super friends you can listen to this short video here.

Our partners are all in because we are working to get people some breathing room in their budgets.

Let’s get everybody taken care of. People are drowning and we are pulling them out of the water into the lifeboat.  We’re gonna have everything in one place. So, whenever we recommend a training, perhaps the mindset module, that you should go through we can simply share the link. It all exists within your membership. You can learn more about AMU here.

Have the Best Day